Don’t Try To Wake Him – Hand Me the Shovel

Investigative reporters Helen Highwater and Carl Livermore are desperate to increase ratings for their show and save their jobs. So desperate in fact, that they decide to spend the weekend doing an in-depth documentary on the rumored-to-be-haunted, Billingsgate Mansion. 

Little do they know this iconic abandoned house, and its strange collection of visitors, both living and dead, have other plans in store.

Will Carl and Helen get the footage they need to raise ratings, or will they be spooked out of the house before the episode airs?

Join us for this hilarious, fast-paced physical comedy full of memorable characters, mistaken identities,

and non-stop screams.

Appropriate for ages 6 +

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Performances: November 4th, 5th and 6th 2021

November 4th 3:30 ALL SEATS $8.00

November 5th & 6th 7:00 Premium Gold $12.00 | Reserved Green $10.00